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Define Your Personal (Tall) Style


Define Your Personal (Tall) Style


“Fashion changes, but style is innate…”

-Diana Vreeland

Before starting Liv Tall, I had a career in fashion. I have a true love for it and have been surrounded and immersed in this world since college. Even though I was surrounded by fashion I still struggled to find clothing that fit me appropriately and many times would be left with few choices. (Sound familiar?) What you want to wear and what you can actually wear as a tall woman can sometimes be very different. I know that my style has been heavily influenced by my tall frame and what I could find in stores to fit me. However, we can find more options today than ever and with fashion so easily accessible through social media it’s easy to find outfit inspirations every day! Below I have detailed steps to help you define your personal style as a tall woman.

  1. Start by finding inspiration- search through Magazines, Pinterest, find Fashion Influencers, Celebrities, etc. and start collecting images of outfits that grab your attention and that you love.

  2. Create a Pinterest Board (or whatever works for you) to collect the images and start following the brands, influencers or celebrities whose style you liked from your research. Then take it one step further and edit the images you saved down to outfits you would actually wear.

    Helpful hint for us tallies- spend time looking at what tall celebrities or athletes wear as they are more inclined to be wearing brands or styles of clothing that we can find in real life! It can be frustrating to follow someone with cute style but not be able to find the tall options, right?

  3. Define what you see! Putting words to pictures helps you (literally) define your style. Here are words to define style- Classic, Modern, Bohemian, Trendy, Sporty, Feminine, Tom Boy, Sexy, Vintage, Bold, Casual, Relaxed, Professional. Giving your style a name will help more than you think!
    For me, I always gravitate to statement dresses, flowy shapes and define my style as classic/feminine.

  4. Define your body type. I have said this before, but it really is critical to help you dress for YOU better. In addition to buying items, you love; it is important to know what proportions work best with your body type too. This will ensure you are not only wearing what you love but that the outfit suits your body as well. Below is a guide I created that covers most body types!Now it's time to focus on YOU!

  5. Go to your closet and take inventory of what you have- what items fit the style you like?

  6. Edit out what items do not serve you. (I am also a closet organizer, and the EDIT is critical with any style transformation!) This step helps you clear away the clutter and focus on the pieces you love and that match your style. I get it- this part may be daunting depending on your closet so just give yourself grace and time… or hire a closet consultant to help you with this process!! When you are getting rid of old items search for non-profits in your area that take used clothing or consignment shops for any outdated designer pieces.

  7. Hone in on your signature look- when you did your research and then looked through your closet, what were the consistencies? Bright Colors? Denim? Long Skirts? Bold Accessories? With this new focus and clarity start putting outfits together and take pictures!

    One of my signature “looks” is to always have some sort of standout piece whether it be a bold cocktail ring, statement print or even a just bright red lip 😉

  8. Now that you have a better idea of what you own and what serves you- when you go shopping you will more easily discover items that match your style and more easily coordinate with what you already own. As time goes on you will build a wardrobe that reflects your true style! Just remember when you are shopping, don’t buy things that you think you should wear because they are trendy, or just because something is on sale… I urge you to buy items that are also of quality and will last you years to come.

  9. Have a Tailor and don’t sacrifice fit for function! Once you have invested in great pieces, take it one step further and get that perfect fit for you.

  10. Lastly, as tall women we are already making a statement, our looks do not have to be complex, wear what makes you feel good (now that you have defined it!), make sure it fits well and your beautiful presence will do the rest!

I hope this helps! You don’t have to master this list in one day, it is a process and honestly your personal style changes as we age, go through life experiences, etc. Fashion is a journey and true style comes from within so take this guide and have fun with it!



By Angela Zdrale

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