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Discover the destination for tall women's fashion where style meets function.

Liv Tall embraces feminine empowerment, perfect fits, and timeless classics made with ethical practices.

Celebrate your height in fashion designed FOR YOU!

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  • About Liv Tall

    Liv Tall is a brand exclusively creating clothing for tall women, produced in the USA. After a career in fashion, Founder Angela Zdrale was burnt out on the lack of stylish options that fit her 6'1" tall frame properly. So, she decided to do something about it, and created a brand built on sustainable business practices, that would fill the void she knew existed in the market for tall women. Liv Tall is fashion created for the tall woman, by one, and you can shop the current collection now!
  • Specialize in Tall

    Clothing designed specifically for tall women, addressing the challenge of finding well-fitting and stylish apparel

  • Fashion & Function

    Our clothing combines function and style, offering versatile and trendy options in every collection.

  • Made in the US

    We support the local economy and the ethical production of garments by being US-made, designed and manufactured.

  • Small Batch

    Small batch production ensures exclusivity and attention to detail, empowering tall women to express their unique style confidently.

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"To say this jumpsuit is my favorite piece in my wardrobe, is an understatement! I have never found any jumpsuit that fit my body type until I tried this one on. Not only was the length perfect (even a bit long on my 6'0" self) but the sheer elegance of it makes you feel beautiful the moment you put it on. I can't tell you the amount of compliments I received while wearing it - every tall woman needs this in their wardrobe!"


“I wanted to let you know that I took your beautiful blue jumpsuit with me to Italy this last month for my "dressy" attire. I wore it three times and felt beautiful, confident and so comfortable in it because it fit perfectly in all the right ways. My only regret is that I didn't' take any pictures because I always run late and was traveling. Thank you for making clothes that fit tall women! I am 6'1, almost 50 and I am still surprised at how my confidence increase when I wear clothes made for my size.”


"FINALLY, FINALLY, CLOTHES TO FIT MY TALL FRAME! Oh my goodness. I arrived home from a conference today and tried on the brown skirt. Lucious fabric, beautiful color, very well-made, fabulous style. I absolutely love this skirt!! I'm so thankful to hav found your website!"

-Liv Tall Customer

“I can't get over how comforable this bodysuit is. Is it weird if I wear it everyday?”

Live Tall Customer

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