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5 Questions with Liv Tall Featuring Nicole & Kayla of Tall Size


5 Questions with Liv Tall Featuring Nicole & Kayla of Tall Size


5 Questions with Liv Tall Featuring Nicole & Kayla of Tall Size

Hello friends!  I am so excited for this blog post because I am featuring Nicole and Kayla, the two co-founders behind the digital platform Tall Size.  If you do not know about Tall Size, it is an on-line marketplace that caters to tall women and features brands (like mine) who create clothing designed exclusively for the vertically blessed!  Genius idea, right?? I have had the priviledge of working with these two fellow tall entrpreneurs for about 2 years and love being able to sell Liv Tall product on their website as well as participte in their travelling Pop-ups!  Read below to get to know these amazing tall women a little better...

Liv Tall: Tell me a little about yourselves!

Kayla and Nicole: Hi! We’re Kayla and Nicole, the co-founders of Tall Size — the first-ever online shopping platform for tall women. We’ve been friends and teammates since grade 7 and have both struggled with #tallgirlproblems our entire lives which is what led us to create Tall Size together. 

When we’re not working on building Tall Size into what we believe will be the go-to shopping destination for tall women globally one day, you might find us:

Nicole — Hanging out with my 100lb bernese mountain dog named Houston, reading a good thriller novel, sitting on a patio enjoying yummy food and drinks with friends or spending time preparing to become a Mom for the first time this Fall, as my fiance Carlos and I are expecting our first son. Eeek!

Kayla — At the gym, when I’m not working on Tall Size I am probably in the gym with my teammates preparing for or playing games. I also enjoy reading a good book, game nights, dinners, and life talks with my close friends and family, exploring a new city or country, being in nature or taking a good nap!


Liv Tall: What do you enjoy most about being tall?

Nicole: Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been way taller than my peers and so I was often looked to as a leader from a very young age like during ballet recitals when I swear my fellow classmates thought I was the dance teacher while we were out on stage even though I wasn’t even a good dancer! Lol. This has helped me hone my leadership skills naturally over the years which has greatly benefitted me throughout my career and awarded me some pretty incredible opportunities. 

Kayla: I love my height because it is a gift from God. It makes me unique, it has allowed me to have success with basketball, and my height brings me a lot of (sometimes unwanted) attention, which has forced me to come out of my shell. Much like Nicole, people naturally look up to me both figuratively and literally, so it has allowed me to hone in on my leadership and communication skills as well as developed my self-confidence. All of these have played a role in shaping me into the woman I am today. 


Liv Tall: What advice would you give to either your younger self or young tall girls today? 

Nicole:  Be patient, things get easier. I found that I didn’t really start to love my height until I was in my late twenties which is when I think many women really start to learn and become comfortable with who they are. In high school and college, being tall can be really tough because you’re often way taller than all of your friends so you can’t share clothes with them and stand out like a sore thumb in photos. You’re also often taller than or the same height as the guys which can make dating a bit challenging. 

All of these things can pick away at your self confidence, even subconsciously, when we live in a society that constantly reinforces that women are meant to be small, skinny and petite in order to be desired. However, I often hear women in their late 20’s and beyond start to feel like their height is their favourite part about themselves and I’d have to agree with that! It becomes what makes you unique, different and memorable. So with all of that said, my advice would be to just be patient. Do your best to love yourself now but also rest assured knowing that navigating the world as a tall girl definitely gets easier with age.

Kayla: I agree with everything Nicole said, be patient with yourself because it really does get better. I am in my early thirties now and with each passing decade I have learned to love and appreciate myself more, and to enjoy this journey we are all on called life. 

Nicole touched on it briefly, but I want to add on the importance of self confidence and love. I hope any young girl reading this knows that she is beautiful, masterfully made, valuable and above all loved. Your beauty will always shine from the inside out. Your confidence, your passion, your kindness, your sense of humor, the heart of what makes you you is on the inside. These things aren’t always on display for people to see, they are what people will discover about you. These are the traits that will build lifelong relationships and leave lasting impressions on others. You are so much more than your height, appearance, and your accomplishments, who you are on the inside is what counts most. So be sure to appreciate, love and nurture the person you are from the inside out. In time, the right people will find you, love you, celebrate you and appreciate everything you have to offer!


Liv Tall: What is your favorite item in your closet? 

Nicole: I swear this isn’t biased but it is the Kelly Jumpsuit by Liv Tall. It is literal PERFECTION!!!! I’ve worn it many, probably too many times, and I get endless compliments every time I wear it. People have even asked me to take it off and give it to them so that they could have it for themselves LOL! 

Kayla: As an athlete I live in workout clothes and love being comfortable, so I would be lying if I said I didn’t live in my Nike leggings. However, my absolutely favorite Liv Tall item in my closet would have to be my tall tee shirt dress in Navy. From the soft material, to the length (it is actually a maxi on 6 '4 frame), to the shape and cut, this is a timeless piece that I don't think will ever go out of style! 


Liv Tall: Favorite Cocktail or Drink? 

Nicole: It’s too hard to choose just one so I am going to choose 3 :) Coffee, Spicy Margarita and Wine. All wine! 

Kayla: My drink is boring, I love water, throw a lemon in there if you want to get fancy. However, if I wanted something sweet, I do love a good peach and or mango flavored lemonade or smoothie!


Follow Nicole and Kayla at @tallsize or shop Liv Tall and other brands at www.tallsize.com 


By Angela Zdrale

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