My Top 4 Shoe Brands for Tall Women


My Top 4 Shoe Brands for Tall Women


My Top 4 Shoe Brands for Tall Women

Hi tall friends!  Regardless of personal style, we all share the same struggles when it comes to finding clothes and shoes that we want to wear.  While I feel that the landscape for tall apparel is improving and I am so proud to be a part of the offerings for tall women with my brand, shopping for shoes is still a higr challenge and so I wanted to share some brands that I go back to time and time again to find cute shoes that are also comfortable!

Little known fact: When I first started to lay the groundwork for Liv Tall I actually started designing shoes! I wear a size 12 and shopping for shoes is utterly depressing.  I worked for many brands in my previous career, including Tory Burch and Saks Fifth Avenue, and it was sort of torture to be surrounded by beautiful shoes, knowing you couldn’t wear a single one.  Shoes are still very much a part of the Liv Tall plan, but I decided to start with clothing because I discovered such incredible manufacturing options locally for me that I could dive headfirst into apparel manufacturing and so the rest is history!  In the meantime, I have discovered my favorite brands for tall women and filled my closet with them.  Read below for my top shoe brands and let me know what brands are your favorite?!  Who did I miss??

Sam Edelman- The way I like to describe this brand, is it is the most shoe for the price.  They offer fashionable/trendy options at an affordable price and are always very comfortable to wear!  I have to say… lately a lot of the styles I like are not being offered in a 12 (only going up to an 11) and so I hope this is not a trend going forward… The Raffia slides in the photo below are currently in my shopping cart... you may catch them in some of my reels this summer!

 Raffia Slide  Silk Pumps Studded Mary Jane Flats 

Otto and Ivy- My favorite small brand for larger sizes.  I admire a fellow solo-entrepreneur and think Laura is creating such high-quality, beautiful shoes for tall women!  My favorite shoe (that I own in black and green) are the Annabelle Pumps because they take me back to when I would stare longingly at the Monolos on the shoe floor at Saks, wishing a beautiful diamond encrusted shoe would fit me… and now one does!!  Shipping takes a while because it comes from the UK but it is always worth the wait. I wear a size 12 and a Size 43 is always a perfect fit.

 Slouchy Boot Rainbow Pump Black Crystal Pump

Open Edit- Nordstrom’s in-house brand for affordable, trendy shoes.  I specifically remember two winters ago, searching through Nordstrom’s online shoe selection (which is always a go-to as well) and stumbling across a pair of ankle booties with the coolest hour-glass stiletto… then I saw my size…then I saw that they were only around $80 and I could not hit the “add to cart” button fast enough, I almost panicked because I was afraid it was too good to be true!  You know that feeling… I have purchased a few other shoes (including the cream mesh flats shown below!) and loved each one.


Mesh Flats Orange Slides Silver Strappy Heels

Stuart Weitzman- When I want a high-quality shoe I go here.  I have the over-the knee boot and have worn them for almost 10 years!  They are still a wardrobe staple every Fall/ Winter for me.  In addition, I have several strappy sandals and pumps that stand the test of time and always elevate my looks.

5050 Boot Sneaker Silver Slides 

 Thank you for reading this Blog Post, I should note that I do NOT receive any commissions for these links, just one tall girl to another with my reccomendations!

Also, I can no longer do shopping posts because I buy too many things I write about!!




By Angela Zdrale

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